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Experienced Bidding Specialist
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Skill To Gain The Right Results

Why Choose Me ?

I am an experienced and successful Senior Bid Manager with over 10 years experience in demanding, client facing roles.

I have a proven track record in operational and bidding environments, and gained experience across multi-million pound contracts and business streams. I can assist with a variety of services , such as dialogue and interview preparation, client engagement and positioning, solution development and reviews, delivery of bid process redesign and team reviews, writing and social media management.

I have full  knowledge of bid management tools, developing and managing the bid process working with clients to improve their tender responses, preparing for future tenders, providing improved responses based on feedback and independent review of existing material to ensure higher scores against the marking criteria. An ability to engage and communicate with stakeholders at all levels and bringing a positive hard-working and organised approach with a determination to gain the right results.

Business Development

Bid Strategy

Bid Management

Bid Writing & Formatting

Bid Reviews

A Proven & Successful Senior Bid Manager With Over 10 Years Experience

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